Furniture Mate

Built-in Wireless Charging Resolution

The Future Table with Wireless Charger

Wireless charging is a method that will be widely applied for mobile devices. The Furniture Mate offers a full-scene,on-the-go wireless charging solution.

The unit is built into a non-metal table to provide wireless charging for smart devices, and also is equipped with an external USB interface supporting wired charging.

In limited living Spaces such as hotels, restaurants, cafes, offices and homes, a series of furniture will be turned into intelligent furniture.

Technology Support

(1)“Providing users with the most convenient services” is the original intention of product R&D. The Furniture Mate utilizes electromagnetic induction wireless charging technology and a unique coil structure to provide a stable, efficient current transmission.

Over-current Protection

Over-temperature Protection

Short-circuit Protection

Over-pressure Protection

Four phones are charged at the same time, the temperature is lower than 60°C, which does not affect the heat dissipation.

Most Convenient

No more cables. Charging has never be so convenient.






Applicable to desktop interiors made of stone, wood, glass, ceramic and an array of other materials excluding metal.



The Furniture Mate is small in size, and furniture modification does not affect the bearing capacity.


Built-in table, no need to perforate, does not affect the aesthetics of the table.


Compatible with wired and wireless charging smart mobile devices.


Multiple wireless charging modules in a table that are connected by one power cord.

Oil and waterproof

The product is water and oil proof.

Security Assurance

It has gone through CB, UL, Qi, KC, FCC, CE and multiple other certifications.

Brand Strength

With a history of 15 years and one of the first Chinese brands to develop intelligent products, MiLi provides mature technology and quality services.